Architect Your Ideal Lifestyle
How to build your dream business & live your dream life.

(Heads up: This is a slightly lengthy post. For those serious enough to read it through to the end, I believe it may be life-changing, as it was for myself.)

One of the world’s top executive coaches was recently working with a prominent CEO who was getting ready to transition into retirement. However, this guy had given hardly one moment’s thought on what he would after that punched the time-clock for the last time.

So the coach reasoned with him…

“What if you knew that 6 months from now, this company would be revamping everything. Its products. Its staff. A whole new operations manual. What would you be doing right now?” He asked.

“Well”, the CEO said.

“I would be flipping out right now trying to prepare and get ready for all of the changes!”

Then, the coach helped him see that he would be changing his whole life in just a few months, once he retires. And unless he architects his ideal lifestyle now, then he might just find himself in a very dark spot in lifedead end job.

So here’s the scoop.

Whether you are entering retirement, are about to exit school or university, or are in a dead-end job you hate and you want a serious exit plan, you have to Architect how you want things to go down if your goals and dreams have any fighting chance of surviving.

My intent in this article is to help you get a plan in place that is both realistic, and that excites the heck out of you.

Disclaimer: The focus of this article is based on my personal experience of building a successful Online Business that affords me an incredible lifestyle built around family, travel, and my own ideal days. If you are not interested specifically in building an online based business that you can run from anywhere in the world, anytime, then this article is NOT FOR YOU.

I won’t be discussing how to build a successful bricks and mortar business. I won’t teach you how to hire and train a huge staff. Because I don’t do -or desire to do- any of that. #SoundsStressful

I will be revealing to you in a direct and very blunt way what has worked and what has not worked for me. It’ll be very useful (I wish I had known all of what I’m about to reveal when I got my start!), simple, and I may be even able to help you further “if” there is a fit and it makes sense for all parties.

Let’s get started.

Begin With The End In Mind

Begin with the end in mind. This is Habit #2 in Steven Covey’s wonderful work, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In context with what we are talking about right now, beginning with the end in mind is how you want your ideal life to be. The work you do. The specific income you want to earn. Your daily routine and so forth.

coveyhabitsAre you living close to your ideal day right now?
If not, then let’s get you there.

First you must create the blueprint. Then we can build from there, just like any great builder can.

If you do not do this, like 98% of the population, then you are living in others’ blueprints. You are empowering other people and circumstances to shape your life by default. Doesn’t sound like fun does it? You know it’s not. So let’s put the reins back in your hands.

Here are two simple exercises you can do
right now that will help you tremendously:


1: Grab a pad and pen and write out your ideal “typical” day in the greatest detail that you can. And write it “as if” you padandpenare currently experiencing it. When do you wake? What are you driving? Where do you work? From home? Starbucks? What vacations do you have planned? How much are you earning? How are your stress levels? How does it feel to not have a boss?

Write it all out. That’s a Macro look at your typical day. Now, let’s bring it in a bit to a Micro level. List out any constraints that are keeping you from achieving that right now. Like, a job. A stressful environment. You’re two hours from the nearest coffee shop. Etc. This will give you something to go off of right now, and it will help you pinpoint where some changes may need to happen.

2: Create a simple Mantra for the year from your notes. This is basically a one sentence mission statement for what you want to be/happen this year.

create your mantraIt may be something like: “This year I’m turning pro. This is the year of personal responsibility and making my goals I’ve put off my whole life actually happen!”

Or, “This year I will FOCUS on The One Thing activities that will quickest get me to my goals.”

This will be something that will keep you on track throughout the year. You can write it on your planner. Set it as your desktop screensaver. Write it on your whiteboard. Put it everywhere and make it something that will keep you calibrated to your big mission throughout the year.

Make it simple.

Success is simple. But it’s not easy.

However this one insight should help, tremendously.

“Success is sequential, not simultaneous.”

What does this mean?

It means that you only need to focus on one thing at a time to get what you want. The most important thing that will get you to your goals.

Although I will be mainly going into detail in the “how to earn your desired money online” portion of your goals in this post, it’s all important. And finding your big WHY that drives you through the struggles and frustrations and setbacks is extremely important.

So let’s say in your big goals for the year, your ideal day, the big things, fit into 3 categories.

1: Health.

2: Wealth.

3: Relationships.

So for example, what’s the One Thing that will make the biggest difference in your health this year? Maybe it’s simplysugarpack
cutting out sugar. It could be paying a personal trainer 6 months in advance for training. Or you may decide that it would be to get a running buddy where you both commit to meeting at the park 5 days a week for a 5:30 am run.

Whichever it is, THAT is your one health goal to focus on.

And remember, success is sequential, not simultaneous. You can only focus on one things at a time anyways. The power is focusing on the most important thing then. Once you do that, all the bigger dominoes you have lined up will begin to fall.

You cut out sugar, and you feel much better. With the extra energy, you start to walk. Walking feels good so you buy some running shoes and before you know it, you’re jogging. Now you find yourself chowing down on broccoli and planning to run your first half marathon.

That’s how it works. Focus on the one thing, and momentum begins to work in your favor. Sir Isaac Newton wisely observed that objects in motion seem to stay in motion.

We’ll get to the Wealth specifics in a moment.

With relationships, perhaps you want to deepen your relationship with your mate. What One Thing will make the most difference?

datenightOnly you will know this based on your needs, but for example, between work and kids and errands, maybe you just aren’t spending enough quality time together. So the one thing could be a planned date night every single week for the year. Or, you may decide to try out “The Digital Sunset”. When the sun sets, all electronics are off. Which would be replaced with talking, playing games, and spending real time together. Deep love. Maybe you decide to simply walk together 15 minutes each morning and just be present together.

Find that one thing. The date nights will be fun. You’ll get to really talking. And you’ll get closer. You’ll love more. You’ll start eating every dinner together. You’ll start doing nice things for each other. And off you go.

Finding that One Thing that will make the biggest difference isn’t always easily apparent. But it’s worth the effort to try to discover what it is, don’t you think?!

Okay, I’m not a health and relationships expert by any means.

So let’s move on to what I am good at. Very good at. Making a great living from my laptop with a simple, easy to run online business.

Making Easy Money Online


Let me begin by briefly telling you how much of a complete failure I was when I first came into this space of making a real, stable income online.

Like many, I invested in quite a few “how to make money” programs. Lots of the information was about affiliate marketing. Too much of it had a very hypey feeling to it. However, I was willing to suspend my disbelief and give anything that sounded decent a shot. Push-button? I’ll find the button and push it. Google Sniper? Where do I aim?…

I failed miserably.

Nothing was really working for me.

A few bucks here and there, but certainly nothing to be proud of, much less cover my bills and families lifestyle.

I finally came across a system that worked, really, really, REALLY well. Do you remember the One Thing strategy?

The One Thing + Focus = Results.

I didn’t want to try to find a new system every week. I wanted ONE SYSTEM that would work -long term- for me. And I’m very happy to say that I found just that.

A few short years later and… I have fired my boss, for good. I mean, forever. I work from my home in Texas and from coffee shops around the globe. I vacation with my family all throughout the year to some of the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen. And my earnings are nothing to scoff at either. Over $700,000 in commissions, and growing every. single. day.

Now that may sound like a crazy amount of money. I definitely get that. I even have to pinch myself sometimes. I’m earning more than most doctors make, and from an “online business”?

Well, I’ll ask you to do what I did myself back when I got my start. Suspend your disbelief for just a moment. Because I’m about to share with you exactly how I’ve done it. In fact, you can use the same system, the exact affiliate program, and everything else I’m personally using to do so well in this business. Read on, because I’ll actually give you a leg up on what I even had…

Enter REAL Online Business And How I’m Doing So Well

First, here’s the simplistic view of how to earn a great living online. Then I’ll break down what little tweaks made all the difference in the world for me personally. 90% of entrepreneurs miss this. And so they narrowly are missing success.


1- Have an irresistible offer that fulfills a core want, need, or desire(s).  Some call this a Mafia Offer. (Make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse!)

2- Get plenty of qualified eyeballs consistently seeing that offer daily. Test and tweak accordingly.

3- Make the sale and deliver the goods. Or, get the lead and follow-up till a sale is made.

Okay, so all this makes sense, right? And it is all important. I’m surprised at how many people don’t get these basics right.

A weak offer will equal weak results. It’ll make you lose money. And the same thing with selling something that people rib eye steakare absolutely rabid for. Don’t try to sell ice to eskimos. Be the two pounds, four inches thick piece of sizzling Rib Eye Steak set in front of a meat eating brute that has lived on nothing but bone dry Spinach for the last two months.

All this considered, there is still one big WHY QUESTION people aren’t asking themselves. And it’s causing them to not see the real missing ingredient to their success.

The difference between ZERO and RICHES.

It’s causing them to live a “Ramen Noodle” life.
Rather than a lifestyle Fit For Kings.


Is it not to make a fantastic income? To make enough to live your dream lifestyle? To provide for your wife/husband, kids, grandkids? To say goodbye to the 9-5 grind and bumper to bumper traffic forever? To say farewell to anything and everything not going well in your life? To not ever having to worry about paying a bill on time? To trade in the 83’ Honda Civic for a Benz?

Yes to at least a few of these, right?

So that is where we should start with your online blueprint. Make sense?

The “Economics” of it all.

The income needed to make all of that happen.

Then we can work backwards from there. Simply walking down the path we’ve already carved out. Point A to Point B. The straight-line path.

And everything is near guaranteed to work “if” we stay at it and follow the system closely. This has been my experience at least, as you’ll see.

Let’s get a lot clearer on this.

If your economics doesn’t work, then you have NO BUSINESS. No matter how many sales you’re making, or how great your “conversions” look.

This is where most get it wrong. They are flying blind wondering why they’re working so hard and are yet merely making pennies.

Here’s how this all works for me.

It’s how I make all my money. So listen up in a major way, young Padiwan.

Feel free to take a look at most affiliate programs and make money opportunities. And you’ll see that the commissions are very dismal. You make a sale for them, and they in return pay you $7- $17 commissions on average. At best, you may earn up to a few hundred bucks per sale.

Now if you consider the Economics of your business first, you’ll see that it will be very hard to succeed this way. It’s the Mc-Donalds-Burger-Flippingequivalent of you working for $5.00 hr. flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Something you would likely never do based on your skillsets. You could have a great offer, a great way to get qualified leads to see that offer, and it could be converting to some nice sales for you.

At a $17 dollar commission per sale, it would take 18 sales a day just to make a measly $306.00 a day.

And that is HARD to do consistently, day in a day out. That would add up to 540 sales a month! Again, not easy, at all.

The magic “aha” for me was in working out the Economics of my business, and then discovering the whole new world of High Ticket, Top Tier affiliate sales. (Yes, meaning they do the work as the vendor, e.g. selling the high ticket items so I can actually have a lifestyle, and I get the lion’s share of the commissions.)

I had looked at Franchises as well, however, the initial outlay is in the millions at what I was looking at, plus it carried a whole lot of other headaches in running a business like that which I personally don’t want to deal with.

Take a look at a typical online business that’s getting sales versus what I am doing:

Typical Average Affiliate:

3-5 sales a day @ $25.00 earned per sale. (I’m being nice here.)
$25 X 3-5 sales = $75 to $125 per day.

Myself and Others Using The Same System:

2-3 sales a day (or less) @ $44.10 earned per sale.

$44.10 X 2-3 sales = $1,250.00 = $10,050.00

Now you may be thinking that my math looks a bit off here. But again, is it? What may not apparently be seen is that I’ve considered my economics first.

Which basically means is that things don’t end AFTER the initial sale. Not by a long shot. And that’s what YOU want and need as well. And as you’ll see, things almost NEVER end after the sale. You just haven’t been invited to profit from it, yet…

So go back to what you’ve written down at the beginning of this post. You are architecting your ideal lifestyle.

So let’s say that you need to, or would like to earn $10,000/mo. online, for starters. And you’d like to have an actual lifestyle along with that. A pretty darn awesome one.

Well, the ascension model, with high ticket and massive value-adding as the focus, and the One Thing, could get you there, fast.

So what happens after the standard, innocent like a dove affiliate makes a sale? More than likely, the buyer will then go on what’s called a back-end money list. Remember that term. The vendor will follow up, and then offer and sell other valuable programs to them.

sheepAdded support and products, done-for-you, 1-on-1 mentoring, masterminds and so forth. All great stuff that many people are looking for and need. And the prices of these programs may range from a few hundred bucks up to well over fifty grand! And what does the typical affiliate (slaughtered sheep) get for this? A measly, small, tiny, front-end commission. Basically zilch. Zero.

Here’s where it gets cool with what I’ve discovered. I’ve aligned myself with a company that I came across one day doing research. And what happens after that initial sale, is I’m still an affiliate, or better stated, I’m still a “Partner” throughout the entire ascension model.

So that initial lower priced product attracts the initial buyer and provides amazing value to them. And a certain percentage of those folks would desire additional training, support, coaching, masterminding, and other opportunities to fast-track their success.

This is all pretty much hands-off for me the affiliate, of course.. And what’s cool is, depending on what each lead wants and needs, this ends up in me getting large, automated commission checks like clockwork. And that’s what I wanted.

Easy, reliable income.

This has resulted as of this writing, personal affiliate commissions of over $700,000. Total affiliate payouts in the company just passed $50 million.  All serious partners make money with this. 

My most common commissions range from the initial free and low-end offers, up to $1,250, $3,300, $5,500, and up… And this can and does frequently end in over $10,000 paydays for me. Which results in consistent earnings for me of $30,000-$70,000/mo and up.

And it’s all a result of one choice:

Do I want to dabble in small commissions, or leverage high ticket commissions? Would a maximum of less than a hundred bucks per sale, or potentially well over ten grand per sale serve myself and my family the best?


I chose high ticket.
And I haven’t looked back since.

Making THE CHOICE to focus on high ticket can change everything for you. It’s a very stable model, and it provides the marketplace right now with what they WANT and NEED.

Wouldn’t you hate to own a car dealership where every day, 2-3 people come in looking for a high-end luxury car where you’d earn huge commissions, yet all you sell is cheaper models? So they walk out the door and go buy from your competitor who is offering what they want, at premium prices.

This happens every single day online. You’re doing everything just right. But everything is going wrong because you’re not offering your clientele the absolute best. YOUR absolute best You nor your customer’s are being served well this way.

Better to be more like Volkswagen. Yes, you can get a cheaper Passat, or VW Beetle. Yet they also own and offer Audi, 2015-bentley-continental-gt_100451971_hBentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Porsche.

Now here’s the true beauty of this system.

Once you decide to run this type of business, you simply get everything set-up to run on autopilot for you. Granted, doing this all by yourself is possible, but will take a lot of time and effort.

I’ll share with you the company I work with in a moment. And they do all of the heavy lifting and product fulfillment for me where I don’t have to worry about all that.

Back to the true beauty of this system… When you tap into a system like I’m using, then your One Big thing isn’t selling high ticket, creating this and that, and doing a million other things.

My one thing is simply sending leads into the business. And because it’s so lucrative for me, I just don’t need a lot of leads each month to hit my income goals.

How does that sound, where all you have to do is wake up each morning with one goal? This can take as little to 30-45 minutes. Just follow the simple lead-getting system you’re given, and everything else is handled by a full team, following up and getting sales for you.

I’ll tell you. It is wonderful.


Now let’s recap, and then I’ll point you to some further resources if you’d like dig deeper into what I do and if it may be a fit for you.

Decide what you really want your ideal life and day to be like. Consider any current constraints holding you back. Choose the appropriate business model that you’d like to follow to meet your income and lifestyle goals.

Chunk those goals down into daily, manageable tasks. Decide the one most important task that needs to be done each day to put you closer to your goals, and whack away at that task before you do anything else. This is critical.

And then simply follow your plan! You’ll experience failures. Failure is in the recipe to success. However, just don’t view them that way, as they’re really not. View everything you do as an “experiment”. And you are the mad scientist.

If something doesn’t work well with the “experiment”? Then you simply gather that data -not failure- and see where you can improve, what you learned, or what you can do differently next time.

When you learn to view it all as an experiment or game, then it all somehow becomes fun, and your income and happiness will skyrocket.  And, it takes loads of pressure off of yourself framing your life and business this way. 

There are lots of ways to make an income out there. I’ve tried a ton of them. There are less ways to make a great income along with a great lifestyle, from what I’ve discovered.

Either way, I encourage you to DECIDE something today. And then start with a pig-headed determination to succeed. Don’t view yourself as a info junkie or opportunity seeker, ever. You’re an entrepreneur. This is a Business. And you’re the boss. 

If you would like to learn more about what I do, Click This Link Now.  (Click here.)

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Money loves speed.

Don’t dilly dally.

This stuff works.

The end.