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Hi, I’m Tiji Thomas.

I’ll be brief.

Just in the past several years, the affiliate program I promote, purchased my family vehicle, a new Mercedes, for me. (Yes, the founder actually pays my monthly payments because, get this, I make money with them! Greatest deal, ever.)


(Here’s a link to many others getting the cars of the dream and how it works!)

This Same Company Has Paid Me Over $700,000 In Commissions!


(This checks a bit old, as they’re occasionally given out just at events to reward top earners. I’m over $700,000 now.)

And It’s Given Me The Freedom To Take My Family To Exotic Trips All Around The Globe! You Can Do The Same!

Here’s just  a few of the places we’ve been recently:

I Regularly Rub Shoulders With The Top Millionaires And Marketers In The Industry!


And I’ve Helped More “Average Everyday Folks” Earn Big Ticket Commissions Than I Can Count!

Will YOU Be My Next Success Story?


I’ve provided A LOT of value within this site on how I do what I do, and how you can do the same. Feel free to peruse. This page is about showing you, in a massive way, that I live my dream life and can without a doubt 1,000% help you do the same. Here’s my massive bonus package that I’m currently offering to a select few and lucky students:

I’ve Crafted A Bonus Package Worth Well
Over $19,747.00 If You Join With Me Today.

This bonus package is so good that I’m only offering it to 25 people right now.

BONUS #1: Your Own Custom Website – Ready And Built To Get Big Commissions! (Value $2,000)*

  • SEO optimized and already loaded with all of the essential plugins you’ll need to bring in sales.
  • Built on the easy to use, versatile and powerful WordPress Platform which will allow for easy edits and customization.
  • Will set you apart from the competition when you control your own site and brand! (Unique is the name of the game.)
  • You’ll have a custom and unique website that will be a selling machine for you 24/7/365!
  • Save weeks of hassle trying to figure this all out by yourself.  Just let the pros do it for you!
    *Of course, you will have to have your own hosting and domain name. This is so you retain sole ownership of your domain and website, not me! This is basic business expenses, and it’s cheap. Usually a domain is under $10 a year and hosting less than $10/mo.  (I’ll give you recommendations and instructions on it all. Easy peezy.)

BONUS #2:  High Ticket Fast-Start Video Training Series – Getting To The Cash Fast (Value $1,250.00) 

  • First, we’ll show you our simple hacks to make easy changes to your website to ensure it’s just how you like it. We’ll show you how to add content, pages, whatever you want to be on your site!
  • Then, we’ll reveal exactly what you need to do so you can see results ultra fast. Ideally in days rather than months, like most!
  • We’ll give you our Proprietary Scaling Plan which will allow you to go from $700/mo to over $10,000/mo within a short period of time, effortlessly and easily. Follow our process and it’ll happen.
  • How to build your own list of leads and customers, daily, leveraging various free and paid methods we strictly adhere to in our own business.
  • And a lot more!…

BONUS #3:  Tons of Produced Content Written By My 7-Figure Copywriter – To Load And Leverage As Your Own! (Value: $5,000)

  • I literally paid and arm and a leg to get this guy, whose written a ton of content for MOBE, many of theTop Earners, and many other Gurus in this and  countless other industries, to create a powerful bundle of articles and emails to code with your affiliate link and use as if you are the author!  Copy, Paste, Profit, LITERALLY!! 
  • These are designed by using modern persuasion and value marketing techniques, to bring you in steady leads and sales, all the while adding a tremendous value to the lives of everyone you touch. 

BONUS #4:  Done For You Prewritten Autoresponder Emails. Load,  Add Your Affiliate Link, Hit Send, And Profit! (Value: $3,500)

  • Writing email that engages your lead and gets consistent sales is not easy. That’s why I had my 7-figure copywriter do all of the hard work for you. (Plus he created some training to show you how to customize these emails, and write similar ones yourself. He promises you don’t have to be a good writer at all to make a ton of money with email marketing.  You just need to learn a few simple things.)
  • Sadly, most new marketers never write emails or succeed in this business because they lack the will, skill, and confidence to write a powerful-selling email, and hit send out to their list. You’re starting as the King of the Hill from Day 1!
  • Imagine how it would feel to load up one of these emails, tweak it really quick to your liking if you want, and then get big commissions as a result of simply hitting the SEND BUTTON?! 

BONUS #5:  One-On-One Private Coaching Sessions With High Ticket Specialist (Value: $2,000. Priceless really…)

  • There is nothing more powerful than one-on-one coaching. Someone to answer all of your personal questions, to help you over any roadblocks you may experience, and to be there for you with any of your individual needs.  
  • That’s why as you go through our 21 Steps to high ticket profits training, you’ll have at your finger tips your very own coach that will be free to assist you every step of the way!
  • Your coach will help you to understand The Art and Science of High Ticket Selling. He’ll help you put together your own business and implementation plan.
  • And he’ll help you grow and scale your business up as quickly as you like! 
  • Prove yourself and go through the steps and we’ll even assign you free coaching with one of our top traffic coaches. (These are some of the top earners here helping you and teaching you the strategies you’ll need to succeed in high ticket selling.)

BONUS #6: Free Membership Access To Our Private VIP Facebook Marketing Group: (Value: $1,500)

  • We don’t want you to make an invest, and then be left in the dark all alone. Team and Support is where it’s at. It’s freaking essential to your success. 
  • Once you’re in the group, you’ll have 24/7 access to myself, other members, and several top earners so you can mastermind, ask questions and get feedback on anything you’re doing. 
  • You’ll also receive frequent and members only Success Tips and VIP Training’s from me so you’ll always be on the cutting edge, the cusp, of what’s working now in this business.
  • This will prove to be your lifeline to High Ticket Selling. 

Graduating-HatGRADUATE BONUSES:  As A Reward For Completing The 21 Steps (not hard to do) I Will Give You The Following Add-On Bonuses: (Value: $4,497.00+)

  • My Proprietary No Pressure Selling System (NPSS) (Value $497) This is my secret sauce recipe to success! You’ll receive 4-Recorded Webinar Training’s taught to a live class of students that paid a lot of money to be a part of the program. You’ll also receive a PDF of each training session.  This is the info all the 7-9 figure gurus’ come to me wanting to learn. It’s exactly how I make so many high ticket sales. Priceless I say. Priceless!
  • MOBE SURVIVOR: At a recent Luxury High Ticket Mastermind ($9,000-$15,000+ to attend) ten of the top earners, including me, were given this challenge:  “You are on a deserted island. No connections, no list, no guru friends. And you must make $10,000 in 10 days, or you die. All you have is your knowledge and a Laptop. Go.”  You won’t believe how powerful and simple their strategies were! (You can take this info and apply it and profit, immediately.)
  • Guru Lock Down: Another VIP Training at one of our Luxurious Mastermind Events, this one in Curacao. Check out this challenge thrown to another group of 8 of the Top Earners (Hey, I was invited to speak on this challenge too!): We were each figuratively locked in a room.  All we had was a laptop and internet connection. Nothing else.  And we had to make $60,000 in 60 days.  Believe me, with the secrets taught in the room that day, anybody would be able to easily do this and get, unlocked. The room was buzzing with excitement.

Collectively Here, You’re Looking At Over $19,000  Worth Of Bonuses!

You’re probably thinking with this insane bonus package, that I’m going to be asking you to make a large, risky investment. However, I’m not going to do that today!  Not even close.  I want to get this opportunity and unique concept into as many hands as I can right now.

Since my boss basically gave me the shaft by reducing my pay years back, it’s put me on a mission to help as many people as I can to get out of whatever bad job or situation they may be in right now, and to help them set up and live a life they’d previously only dreamed of.

However, this is a custom bonus package that requires real labor on our part. It’s a labor of love, built out of our intense desire to help you succeed! Yet, it’s still labor and work for us.   And that’s the point. We do all of the hard work, the stuff that will hold you back which we’re PRO at doing, so you don’t have to worry about it!!

So with all that said, if you want to experience permanent and lasting changes in your life once and for all.  And if you want to create a lucrative income on the side, then you must join as right now as we only take on a few students at a time.

If the link below is ACTIVE & WORKING, this means we’re currently taking on 5 or less individuals to work along side with.

The investment is not $2000. Not even $200…

I want everybody to have access to this knowledge.

Right now, the investment is only $197 $49 for an application fee.

And that’s it! Awesome, awesome, awesome, right!?

It’s an application fee rather than a flat investment cost because we want to basically just make sure that we’re both a good fit for each other in this program.  I’m doing a lot of work and delivering a lot of bonuses here. Serious, real world value, folks.  And, this is a proprietary system we don’t want people who are not serious to know about.

So, no time wasters need apply.  People that aren’t serious about changing their life and working with us need not apply. If you like to complain and whine but can’t take a look at yourself to see whether you’re putting in the “effort” to match the “results” you want, then you need not apply.

But… If you are serious, easy to work with, hard-working and willing to follow instructions, and you’re ready to make some serious money with me, then simply Click On The Link Below to get started:

Click here to join me! >>

And as you’ll see, this is a completely risk-free offer.
There’s literally ZERO RISK on your part. 

No downside potential.
Limitless upside potential.

So if this all sounds intriguing to you, if you’d like the 21 Step System that changes lives, if you would like all of the crazy bonuses above, your own site, your own professionally written emails and content, along with everything else included, then you need to sign up today here. >>

After you purchase, we’ll be in touch with you ASAP to get your site set-up and to deliver all of your bonuses. Make sure right when you purchase to get into contact in some way with your coach. It’s imperative to your success.

Lesson 1 To Massive Wealth In This Industry: Be a fast mover.  Money loves speed.


I hope to be your coach and mentor to success,

Tiji Thomas

P.S. I don’t like to force people to “want” to change their life. They must want to do that more than I do for them! Yet, I’ll say this, if by now, you’re not experiencing the results you desire in life, what will you do differently. Either your circumstances will change without your consent, or you will change your circumstance and life by will, by choice. I hope you CHOOSE to live the rest of your life the way you want it to be and deserve it to be. And if I can help out in some small way, then it would be my pleasure to do that.